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The website APATYKÁŘ® offers its visitors from among the pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians, pharmacy students, employers, owners and operators of pharmacies useful and popular service – placing an ad in the most popular pharmacy advertising in CZECH PHARMACY JOB CENTER and, if complying with these rules, for free, which is in similar targeted Internet services in Czech Republic unique.

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  • Ads can not be updated before the expiry of 1 month and must be entered always again, thus it has no meaning to send them constantly before the expiry of that period, the system will automatically exclude them,
  • Full contact informations are visible first only for paying clients,
  • Is not possible to enter more than one ad on more than one position/city by one organization (e.g. two ads, one for job offer the other for the sale/purchase of pharmacy or to offer in one advertisement more job positions, such as pharmacist and pharmaceutical assistant, one position for more cities, etc.),
  • Is not possible to enter ads containing more than 200 characters,
  • There must be on each advert offering job (or sell of pharmacy) the name of the specific pharmacy registered by relevant Regulatory authorities, which offers the position and the city in which the pharmacy is located, i.e. not the central address of the operator (in a completely new pharmacy, not registered yet, its exact address and the name of the operator); if not, the ad will not be added,
  • There must be specify name and address (including real estate and law offices!), if buyer or seller of a pharmacy is a company; if not, the ad will not be added,
  • Ads of the pharmacy chains can not be entered by individual pharmacies, but the relevant HR department of the company,
  • Is not possible to enter more than one ad of the pharmacies personally or proprietarily connected companies (usually Ltd. or Inc., franchise pharmacies or pharmacies in marketing cooperation); for the first time of detection of non-compliance of rules is left the position of the oldest advertisement of the company. If another violation occurs all ads are deleted,
  • Ads of personal agencies are not entered (they can use only paid services CONTACT US!),
  • The advertiser acknowledges that the information and contacts are published on solely voluntary basis, on free will and by submitting the form agrees that the ads are published; editor of APATYKÁŘ® assumes no responsibility for any adverse reactions resulting therefrom,
  • Is not possible simultaneously use the paid service (e.g. paid service MINI, while the second position or city is advertised via free ad),
  • Advert is published within 5 working days; paid ads are updated prior to free ones, given the number of ads it is not possible to shorten this time, there is no sense to try to exploit the editor by using other forms on the web – these will not be addressed to,
  • The web links are not published,
  • Only 1 contact email is published,
  • Your job offer must be formulated short and clear in standard form – without any details and specific offers.

Advertisement is not published in the following cases:

  • It has nothing to do with pharmacy content (promotion of the company web site, e-commerce, advertising of products or services etc.),
  • The advertiser is abusing the system by multiple inputs of the same ads from different names,
  • Ads of the pharmacies personally or proprietarily connected to one company (usually Ltd. or Inc.) were entered as separate ads – to avoid confusion for applicants for the post, do not enter the ads as separate, they will not be so published and you can not complain about this; if repeated violations occur, all of these ads that abuse the free of charge section will be deleted,
  • Job offering advertisement did not contain the exact name according to the Regulatory authority and the city in which the pharmacy is located or it contained non-existent name.

How to delete your free ad:

  • If you want to delete your free advertisement, fill in the form as usually and type in the box Content of an ad the ID of the ad to be deleted. It is not possible to correct the free ad within one month, so check it thoroughly before you enter it!
  • All ads are automatically deleted after 3 months at the latest if they are not deleted earlier by the user.

Changes, general

  • If your ad was not published, it was not in accordance with these rules and the system automatically discarded it. In the free version we DO NOT deal with the complaints.
  • The advertiser acknowledges that the free service is provided under the above conditions „as is“, i.e. without the full functionality and without complaint. Fully guaranteed services including feedback to clients are offered as paid services (CONTACT US!).
  • Changes in the rules are reserved.


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